Muhammad Omar Mughal

CEO/ Principal Scientist

Omar, the visionary CEO and Principal Scientist, founded TechnoSense21 in 2021 to develop cutting-edge solutions across industries. With over a decade of experience in electrical engineering, he holds over 40 patents in diverse domains like computational electromagnetics, IC design, power systems, UAVs, embedded systems, IoT, and antenna design. As an accomplished author of 80+ research papers, Omar's expertise and creativity drive the company's strategic direction, R&D, and product delivery. His passion for innovation and advancing technological excellence shapes TechnoSense21's commitment to delivering high-quality research that contribute to scientific impact

Muhammad Usman


Usman, the Chief Technology Officer, spearheads the development and implementation of TechnoSense21's innovative products and services leveraging Embedded Systems and IoT technologies. With a strong R&D background, he has contributed to multiple patents in RF electronics, computer/network security, and sensor systems. Leading a team of engineers and designers, Usman collaborates with clients across sectors like energy, healthcare, and education to create customized, user-friendly solutions. His expertise in Python, C++, PCB design, and RTOS, coupled with a passion for impactful solutions, drives TechnoSense21's cutting-edge offerings.

Farhan Shams

HR / finance Executive

Farhan Shams, the HR and Finance Executive, oversees the company's financial operations and manages all human resource-related activities. His expertise ensures efficient resource management and a positive work environment at TechnoSense21.

Husnain Siddique

Technical Manager

Husnain Siddique, an expert engineer, leads the research activities at TechnoSense21 as the Technical Manager. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he guides a talented group of researchers in exploring cutting-edge technologies and developing innovative solutions. Husnain's technical expertise are instrumental in driving the company's research efforts, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their respective fields.

Aatif Ali

Sr. Technical Lead

Aatif Ali, an expert Electrical Engineer, serves as the Sr. Technical Lead for Research and Development at TechnoSense21. With in-depth expertise in RF and microwave engineering, particularly in 5G communications, radar systems, and antenna design, he brings invaluable knowledge to the company. Complementing his technical prowess is his proficiency in electronic circuits and embedded systems. Aatif leads a team of dedicated researchers, driving innovation and exploration in cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Saad Saleem Khan

Sr. Technical Consultant

Dr. Saad Saleem Khan, a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from United Arab Emirates University, brings invaluable expertise as Sr. Technical Consultant to TechnoSense21. With a prolific academic career, including numerous journal articles and conference papers, he specializes in applying advanced electrical engineering research to practical challenges. His extensive knowledge and experience contribute significantly to the company's cutting-edge solutions.

Mohsin Amjad

Sr. Financial Consultant/Risk Analyst

Mohsin Amjad, the Risk Analyst to TechnoSense21, plays a crucial role in evaluating and mitigating risks associated with engineering projects. Utilizing financial analysis tools and economic data, he conducts thorough cost-benefit and economic analyses, ensuring informed decision-making and project viability. His expertise in risk assessment contributes to the successful execution of TechnoSense21's endeavours.

dr.Zeeshan Abbas

Technical Consultant

Dr. Zeshan Abbas, associated with Shenzhen Polytechnic University, brings extensive expertise as a Technical Consultant, with research excellence in Renewable Technologies, Micro-nano Fabrication on Insulated Substrates, and New Technologies for Intelligent Connection, including Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing, Flexible Printed Devices, Self-Piercing Riveting, and Ultrasonic Welding for Automotive Applications. His diverse background allows him to provide valuable insights across multiple domains, driving innovation at TechnoSense21.

Dr. Zeeshan Ali

Technical Consultant

Dr. Zeeshan Ali, a Technical Consultant to TechnoSense21, holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and boasts research experience at prestigious institutions like LUND University, Sweden. With a Gold Medal and extensive publications, his expertise lies in cutting-edge techniques for metal extraction, leaching processes, pesticide adsorbents, polymer synthesis, and heavy metal removal. Dr. Ali's profound knowledge and hands-on experience in these specialized domains significantly strengthen TechnoSense21's capabilities in delivering advanced solutions, providing invaluable technical guidance.